About QQSR


Based in Canberra, Australia’s national capital, QQSR is a specialist firm that has provided advanced capacity building, change management, and research and evaluation services to private and public sector clients since 1992.

Adopting an "action research" approach, QQSR applies current social science knowledge to practical issues. Our work not only helps organisations to develop but also builds capacity, thus improving their social and educational capital.

QQSR does not provide "off-the-shelf" solutions without consideration of each client’s unique situation and needs. From the use of cognitive-behavioural approaches to improve staff effectiveness, to group-based action for values clarification, strategic planning and problem solving, to scenario methods for future orientation, QQSR problem resolution is built upon a foundation of research. For example, we often integrate a brief program of research with developmental workshops, then tailoring intervention to organisational need and enabling the organisation to continue change processes for themselves.

Where relevant, QQSR accesses specialist providers and teams up with other individuals and companies that have expertise in advanced statistics, cognitive psychology, social work, strategic planning and market research.

Stephen Mugford

The firm's main principal is Stephen Mugford.

Stephen Mugford is formerly a Reader in Sociology at ANU. He holds an Honours degree in Sociology from the University of London (1968) and a PhD from the University of Bristol (1974).

Dr Mugford is involved in a number of organisational change projects providing high-level advice to, team building with, and executive coaching of, senior managers. He also conducts social research with an applied/policy focus.

His academic background and experience in sociological research provides wide-ranging knowledge and conceptual skills, underpinned by a distinguished record of academic publications. This includes national and international journal articles and book chapters as well as numerous research and policy reports for Federal government agencies and the private sector.

Dr Mugford has worked extensively with uniformed services and has carried out major projects for the Australian Federal Police, the Australian Army, the Defence Equity Organisation, the Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA) and the Royal Australian Navy as well as Commonwealth and State Government Departments (e.g. Health, Family and Community Services, Transport and Regional Development, ACT Health & Community Services), statutory bodies and offices (e.g. Federal Office of Road Safety, NSW Roads & Traffic Authority, Australian Institute of Criminology), tertiary institutions (e.g. University of Technology Sydney (UTS), and Sydney University) as well as organisations such as Divisions of General Practice (ACT, Wagga Wagga), and service providers (e.g. Karralika Drug Rehabilitation Service)

Currently, he is involved with the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) in several aspects of their cultural change program (including executive development with the senior leadership team), with the Australian Defence College, and with executive training programs for Macquarie Graduate School of Management and the Australian Institute of Police Management. Work for the RAAF blends training, development and research aspects with coaching, advice and assistance with achieving strategic goals in the human resources area.